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A day in life of Hewiee.

Last night, when everything that had to be done was done, i documented my cat Hewiee for ten minutes. First he wasn’t interested and almost looks as if he is sulking. >.< But he purks up as usual; my cat … Continue reading

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Cat Jelly & a realisation.

Sorry for not posting over the last  eight days, ive just had a very busy week; catching up with good friends. To sorting out the miniture details in our life. So this is what i got up to one evening … Continue reading

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Is it Monday already?

  Where has the past week gone? Last post i showed my new cookie cutters, so heres an update on them, hope you like ^__^: Here they are freshly baked. They kept their shape really well as this is the … Continue reading

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Awesome buys!

 Its been a great few couple of days for me, as Mr H has had some time off work so one early after noon we went out to our local town. Whilst out we did a bit of thrifting and i stumbled … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty TV mainia & a lazy day…

Happy Wednesday! Today has seemed to be a pretty relaxed day for me which is a good thing to do once in a while :]. As Mr H is at work doing a sleep in tonight so i just thought, … Continue reading

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The Havester & my inspiration

This is my Havester oil painting. It is one of the biggest paintings i have created so far. I used oil paints for the majority of this piece & but went over other  parts with a small amount of acrylic paint; … Continue reading

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Getting ready for Spring.

I know that sounds crazy right now, but autumn is the best time to do it: So just a reminder for you folks buy your bulbs and plant them now, if you want ; ) I done mine yesterday, which funnily … Continue reading

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Finally a decent blog button.

I’ve finally got Photoshop through the post allowing me to finally make a decent web worthy blog button. Although this design is just something quick i made, there shall be more quirky and unique designs.  As for now im in love … Continue reading

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Cute hats…

I don’t tend to shop for clothes in the highstreets’s these days as i dont follow fashion when its on trend, i just wear what i like. But, whilst in River Island i found these goodies, and they were way … Continue reading

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