The Havester & my inspiration

This is my Havester oil painting. It is one of the biggest paintings i have created so far.

I used oil paints for the majority of this piece & but went over other  parts with a small amount of acrylic paint; only on sections i wanted to be more vivid and have more attention to detail.

Now my main inspiration is an freelance illustrator, Samuel Araya. I just loose my self in his work as there is such a depth to it, that i can not help but feel instantly inspired.

This piece is called ” Witch”, now i know its not everyones taste but i love the colour palette used in this piece as all the colours just flow into each other. It almost has an old photograph texture to it, which i personally think helps emphasis the flames on top of her head.

Although, this art is quite dark, and i spose im in that same boat to, i just can’t help but admire the fantasy and the imagination behind all of these ideas. So to me by definition this is beauitiful.

“Underworld Deams” This piece is just full of rustic charm to me, it has a desert feel to it and the hint of enchantment. I love what we do not understand as it fasinates me to a huge degree thats why i feel im attracted to such art. Its mesmerizing. There is also a wiccan/pagan feel in this piece aswell, as the person with the goat mask symbolizes the pagan belive’s where as the shadow demon almost seems to be taking practice in an old fashion wiccan sacrifce. But thats the amazing part of this artist, your left to wonder. Well unless you ask him, like i do >..<

So thats some of Samuel Araya work. I have him on my blogroll, if you want to check him out for yourself. Your know now which button is his. I also have an interview piece he so kindly allowed me to do  with him, so i shall share that another day with you in more detail.

Have a great tuesday,

Fluffyghost. x


About fluffyghost

Hi, my name is Mercedes, i love Hello Kitty, Sewing, Baking, Cats, Painting, Patchwork, Kawaii, Japanese culture, Decorating, Night time, Warm lighting, Anime/Manga, Cute kitchen wear. & a hell of a lot more.
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