Is it Monday already?


Where has the past week gone?

Last post i showed my new cookie cutters, so heres an update on them, hope you like ^__^:

Here they are freshly baked. They kept their shape really well as this is the first time ive ever made sugar cookies.

I played around with the piping gun that came with the cookie cutter set; well i got a bit carried away with using all the tips, to see what affects you can get out of it. That i made a real pigs ear of it, but that does’nt mean they didn’t taste heavenly.

So thats how the cookies turned out >.< haha. They made Sunday evening just that little bit better so i recommend this recipe:

Sugar cookies recipe

I made a decent batch out of this recipe with loads to spare, so out of the left over dough i made a small apple pie, and some jam tarts. So waste not want not.

I would of of taken pictures but the tart’s where gone in seconds as they were made out of the left over apple pie pastry; that i only made 4. But still i was pleasntly suprised with the quality and quanity i got.

This recipe is suitable for vegetarions but not vegans as it contains dairy products for ingredients.

Whilst every one was settleing down for the evening so was Hewiee in his chair.

This is honestly my cats chair, we only brought it with us when we moved to Farnham because its his.

Just could’nt say no to him :3

Such a cutie, he sleeps weird all the time i just love his poses: But we warned this is his chair! Haha, he gives anyone evil’s if they dare sit down.

But who could blame him haha, i would too. It’s almost like a giant cat bed in a way.

Have a great monday!




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