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Christmas day!

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas day  Me & Mr H wish you a well New years to!.. ^__^ So just a Christmas post with some of the days madness. Was great ive been spoiled, plus i didn’t mess the … Continue reading

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Last minute gift, made with love…

If you really can’t stand the thought of hitting the shops again & again then these are ideal for you: Brownies Hardly no one can turn down a good fresh moist, bunch of brownies. ^___^ These were for Mr H’s … Continue reading

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Snow Bear!

Damn im so tired! Christmas food shopping is just so intense…Or is that just me But im finally, completely ready for Christmas so bring it on. ^___^ & of course it’s been snowing down here even more, so this time … Continue reading

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Christmas gestures.

You know those times when Christmas is drawing in closer and everyone is either really cold or just plain jolly! Well either way these small little tokens i wipped up might be small, but they sure show a person your … Continue reading

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A sneak peek of my home…

Hi all! This month is going so fast it’s scary! Ive hardly been able to blink without a huge amount of time flooding by. So December has brought me alot of Freelance work. Hense the lack of posts (Sorry!) but then … Continue reading

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Ive been super bad at posting lately! Sorry guys…  Then again ive been swept up in all things “Christmisty” From late night starbucks, freshly baked cupcakes, to decorating and wrapping like an mad women. So this post might be a … Continue reading

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