Christmas gestures.

You know those times when Christmas is drawing in closer and everyone is either really cold or just plain jolly!

Well either way these small little tokens i wipped up might be small, but they sure show a person your appreciate them :]

Good for when friends are popping round, postmen you run off their feet with your high demand of parcels (Whoops !) Or any one really on that matter.

Christmas Token Bag’s.

These are really simple to make all you need is:

Small drawstring bags in various colours. (i got a 100 of Ebay for £5.00)

Christmas Rock Candy (Waitrose a 500g bag £2.50)

Chocolate Santas (Waitrose £1.50)

Chocolate Snowmen (”               “)

Step one:  Open all bags of Seasonal chocolate and candy & place one of each into a draw string bag.

Step two: Tie string into a bow or into a neat knot.


Then sit back & enjoy your hard earned labour haha!

Tips: There are loads of ways that you can really jazz these bags up. Either tie a ribbon around the top, or stick on embellishments of your choosing. Even attach a small candy cane when tieing the knot. You could also have any colour scheme you want depending on your candy/chocolates you brought. To keep them all tidy once finished, i simply just popped mine into a small santa basket i brought from Hobby Craft.

There really isn’t a limit on imagionation for these. Simple or fancy these look great. ^_^

I also hung a couple on my Christmas tree, with the remaining odd sweets i had.

When me & Mr H woke up this morning, we woke up to a white blizzard out side. It looked really calming and quite beautiful as it laided undisturbed. So that means Snow day!!

But for Hewiee this means his going to have to stay in and sleep alot on lots of comfy blankets. Poor him 😛

I know it sounds weird not letting my cat out, but last year we let Hewiee out he got ill with a blocked tear duct. Meaning eye drops for two week. Wasn’t very pleasant.

A typical cat cold i spose.

But he likes to just sit and watch the Winter wonderland out side.

I love this picture, it’s just so cute!

It’s like a cat’s prospective on the outside world caught on camera.


Im off to eventually do some Freelance work (my deadline is the 24th!!!) which i will get done just three more items to bring to life. Then maybe make a snowman or two outside, watch a Christmas film. Standard day here.

Have a awesome Saturday




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