It’s official…

Ive got some big news to share today…

Im officially learning to speak, read, write Japanese for real!!

Japan has been a huge passion for me for the last decade, and i thought that it was about time that i should start to really appreciate their culture by understanding.

Everything i love in life is from Japan, from the home of Sanrio, to the Harajuku girls fashion.

So i would like to thank my Dad for being so awesome for buying me the Rosetta Stone language course. It comes with a head set so ill never mess up my pronunciation again.

Im already starting to form basic sentances and even being able to read a little bit. I find it such a rush to learn when things start to make sense. It really is that exciting to me.

The best thing about Rosetta Stone is that it teaches you as if you were a baby again. By putting pictures and sounds to everything. It’s the best/sufficient way to learn a language. Also the fastest. But im in no rush as i don’t want to miss a bit of detial. (Im a self confessed perfectionist you see. )

Im thinking about doing a themed Japan day once a week, so i can share what i have learn’t aswell as other goodies. As to me the gift of language is truly beautiful.


Fluffyghost. x


About fluffyghost

Hi, my name is Mercedes, i love Hello Kitty, Sewing, Baking, Cats, Painting, Patchwork, Kawaii, Japanese culture, Decorating, Night time, Warm lighting, Anime/Manga, Cute kitchen wear. & a hell of a lot more.
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3 Responses to It’s official…

  1. Jenn says:

    That’s so great! I’m going to learn too, eventually. My husband and I have a close friend who lives in Japan and we’d love to go visit her.

  2. aw yay 😀 I think i’ll look into how much Rosetta Stone is for learning German as i have heard a lot of good things about it.
    Good luck x

  3. fluffyghost says:

    Thanks so much for the support guys! ^___^
    Your so lucky Jenn to have a friend over in Japan. I would love to have that!
    Im planning to go over in 2012 >…<
    I personally think its worth it! So go Sarah! 😀 x

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