Oh My!

Good morning all!

A couple of night’s ago I got a huge urge to bake so I made Apple pie:


I used this recipe here.

Is it weird that I only wanted to make a pie, just so I could weave the pastry?


Tasted really good though. Apple & cinnamon are the perfect combo!

Don’t forget to check out my online clothes store here. (Or by clicking the Kawaii T-shirt button & online store.) As there shall be some more designs added in the shop today.



P.S sorry for not being ober chatty today, I’m just really not a morning person.

Talk to me  late at night though, I wont shut up! Haha.


About fluffyghost

Hi, my name is Mercedes, i love Hello Kitty, Sewing, Baking, Cats, Painting, Patchwork, Kawaii, Japanese culture, Decorating, Night time, Warm lighting, Anime/Manga, Cute kitchen wear. & a hell of a lot more.
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