Vintage brooches.


Todays addition im looking into the vast collections of vintage brooches.

I’m not personally a brooch person, but as the vintage ones have turned up on the scene more lately, I thought I would look into just how addictive It is collecting them & why.

Vintage brooch collection 1 Via: Jenn Ski.

It seems to me that majority of collectible brooches are enamel flowers. But that doesn’t decreases the fact of how beautiful they are made. Theres no doubt that the most common favourites are from the 1970’s & 60’s. As you tend to find the raw wild colour pallet in these. You know, block colouring. I.e statement colours.

Vintage brooch collection 2 Via: Jenn Ski.

I always tend to feel that the bigger the brooch collection the more better it is to visually look at. Although I don’t tend to wear them (Only because I forget to put them on.) I do love to admire them. This photo is defiantly a good example of rainbow repetition. It just shows how unique each brooch can be in a crowd of many. My personal favorites are the Daisy replicas. 

Vintage brooch collection 3 Via: MyInnerPrincess.

I’ve always been a bit of a Magpie in the aspect of being attracted to shiny things. Just like this collection; which is based on the 1980’s glamour. Cubic Zirconia’s were becoming more affordable, for the middle class to afford… Hence these style of brooches.

Vintage brooches are probably so desirable today simple because of the level of detail and materials used. With these types of brooches  they almost represent a part of the decade they originate from, and maybe that’s what we all crave here and now.

“A blast from the past” when the simplest of things brought the greatest of pleasure. Even so the fact that you can’t get hold of these in high street shops probably has a huge factor to do with the desirability of them to.

I think they hold a sentimental placement to these brooches as well as each brooch could represent which emotion you were feeling: Or a different colour for each day of the week. I remember when I was younger and inheriting my Nan’s brooches. They were beautifully made, and I remember holding them very close simply because they spoke about the past & had that feeling to them. That you have to look after then haha. 

Even if this whole collecting of enamel brooches is just the latest new craze or not. I think that these brooches represent those little things and specialities we can all forget from time to time. From completing an outfit, to wearing a coloured pin to whatever mood you are on that day; to the independent charm each initial one carries. Vintage brooches could be that little perk from here to there that each and every one of us could use.

They can reflect our personality to our dreams or ambitions. Or of course just to look good! 

So that’s my insight onto Vintage brooches as for today.

I’ll be back tomorrow!

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