Soul Eater Insight.


I’ve just finished watching the whole series of Soul Eater so I thought it would be worth reflecting on as it seriously is pretty awesome!

Soul Eater Image Via: Here’s Mimi.

Soul Eater is based around “Death Weapon Meister Academy;” in which the series follows three teams all consisting of one Weapon Meister and at least on human weapon. They have to collect 99 evil human/demon souls and 1 witches. In that order to, other wise they have to restart the whole process again back at square one. By doing that, they enhance to be “Death Scythe” and used in battle by headmaster Shinigami, known as Death.

Shinigami best known as Death Via: Devian Art.

The story line flows at a great tempo as the plot thickens and reveals itself with a great added sense of humour. Especially from characters such as Death, even Death the kid (Deaths son who later attends the academy.) who suffers from obsessive – compulsive disorder which is manifested as an obsession over symmetry.

Soul Eater Academy Via: Anime Picture Site.

Not to mention my favourite part of all of it. The graphics!..Illustrated by Atsushi Okubo
The artwork is so freaking amazing through out all of Soul Eater! It has that tainted edge that really draws the viewers in. Yet it manages to hold a lighter side to itself too: I.e when there not fighting evil you can see that cheerful element to it, even behind the graphics.

You can watch all episodes of Soul Eater for free here!

Even better you don’t have to download any dodgy stuff it streams it to you. Great stuff!

All episodes are English dubbed so enjoy!




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