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Sometimes the best things in life are the smallest of things!

Like working for 9 hours straight to come out of my art studio to find this: Thats right, it’s a love bucket! I felt like a kid in a candy store! Mr H is such a sweety! There actually was … Continue reading

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New stock added to the shop!

Good afternoon! Thanks to everyone for all of your support and kind words! I’m super glad to finally have my store up and running! To all of my readers and supporters I’m offering a 10% discount on all of my … Continue reading

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Store Opens Today!

Super stoked that today is finally the day Fluffyghost brings you kawaii handmade goodness! The store will be continuously updated through the next couple of days. (Yer I’m already working on new pieces haha…) I’ve still only uploaded half of … Continue reading

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Fluffyghost Etsy part 3…

Were here with the last promo release! Can’t believe my store will be open tomorrow. It’s taken a lot of hard work, but if it’s worth doing then it’s going to be! Super excited!..So for the last time this week … Continue reading

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Brush with style…

I recently came across one of the best thrift ever a couple of days ago (In my opinion.) I’ve wanted these for ages, my Nan did have some but my sister beat me to them…Damn it! But I’m finally happy … Continue reading

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Starting with the bed…

For this weeks edition I thought I would start my collection in my most favourite place on earth…My bed, yer that’s right, I just can never have enough sleep so It’s probably the best place to start. So here is … Continue reading

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Afternoon… You can never have too much Kawaii stuff for your house, so Chicki is a perfect place to start for those extra special bits. So here is some of my favourites… Hello kitty Momiji Doll Gigi. Via: Chicki I … Continue reading

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Fluffyghost Etsy Part 2…

& Were back today with some more pre-release photography as well as a mini product introduction on a few products that will appear in my store. Model for Fluffyghost: Victoria Winfield. For more detail on products check out my Etsy … Continue reading

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Kawaii Matchbox Swap.

Afternoon! It’s been a hectic Saturday so far, just had our tenant inspection and I’m happy to say we passed with flying colours. So apart from the early morning wake up (I’m really not a morning person.) me & Mr H … Continue reading

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Fluffyghost Etsy!

Today I bring you a sneak peek of Fluffyghost Etsy with some pre-release photography from my photo shoot. As well as a quick peak into some of my up coming products! Model for Fluffyghost: Elizabeth Winfield. More detailed shots of … Continue reading

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