Vintage suitcase’s.

 Vintage suitcase’s always hit the spot with me so I’ve been browsing the web for some of my favourite finds.


VINTAGE Upcycled Slate Blue Carry On SUITCASE with Hand Painted Baby AlpacaVintage up-cycled slate blue carry on suitcase with hand painted baby Alpaca. Via: BlumerRoad Etsy.
I just love the style of this suitcase. The worn out blue shade genuinely
gives it an added sense of character. Plus with the hand painted Alpaca, it really gives this vintage suitcase a new lease of life. Perfect for weekend getaways.
Vintage luggage - suitcase - care bears - setting sail for grandmas - childrens - light blue
 Vintage luggage – suitcase – care bears. Via: Moxiethrift Etsy.

I’m in awe of this suitcase. I know it’s for children but I don’t care! I grew up with Care Bears & I still love the illustrations. It’s just way to cute not to like.


recycled vintage DAY AT THE BEACH  suitcase by C. Reinke vintage TERRY CLOTH and trims

recycled vintage DAY AT THE BEACH  suitcase by C. Reinke vintage TERRY CLOTH and trims
Recycled vintage “Day at the beach” suitcase by C. Reinke vintage Terry cloth and trims. Via: Funkyfindzonline Etsy.

Now this is a true visual beauty! All the textures and colours really make this suitcase eye candy. I wouldn’t take this suitcase out & about, (I would be scared to damage it.) but I would defiantly display pretty stuff around the house in it for sure… So perfect for a refreshing summer display.


Vintage Upcycled Alice in Wonderland Small Suitcase
Vintage up-cycled Alice in Wonderland small suitcase. Via: mimobeads Etsy.

I’ve always had a thing for worn down leather & with this Alice in Wonderland design It’s a great combo! A truly sweet suitcases for anyone who loves to daydream.


Vintage Samsonite Train Case in Retro Blue

Vintage Samsonite train case in retro blue. Via: Primitivepincushion Etsy.

If you take long car journeys all the time and tend to carry around a lot of crap from point A to B then this suitcase is perfect for your loose bits and bobs. The colours are gorgeous and look like they would catch the sun just right. For any women who likes to travel around in style!

Well that’s it for another Thrift Thursday!

Till tomorrow,


P.S. If anyone has noticed that I’ve been spelling Etsy like Esty, sorry! My brain just turns itself off some days, so please do excuse the mix up.


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2 Responses to Vintage suitcase’s.

  1. deer donna says:

    oh my goodness they are all so freaking cute!!

    i love them all!!!!

  2. Tera says:

    too cute! I love all of these.

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