Starting with the bed…

For this weeks edition I thought I would start my collection in my most favourite place on earth…My bed, yer that’s right, I just can never have enough sleep so It’s probably the best place to start.

So here is mine & Mr H’s Hello Kitty bed.(He loves Hello Kitty to…)

From bed sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases,(I do have another one but It’s in the wash due to a cup of tea.) blanket, etc…

My favourite Hello Kitty pillow would have to be the manga girl in the Hello Kitty outfit, I found it on J-List & just had to have it. You can get them here.

The others are from Ebay I brought over the years…

For the plush I got the big Hello Kitty in Hello Kitty PJ’s from Build A Bear Workshop and the others were gifts. 

On top of my bed is a Hello Kitty bottle but you can’t really see It that well from this picture, I got that from a job lot from Ebay too.

So this is just the beginning of my collection…Yer It’s that bad haha!

Any one else have a Hello Kitty bed? Would love to see.



About fluffyghost

Hi, my name is Mercedes, i love Hello Kitty, Sewing, Baking, Cats, Painting, Patchwork, Kawaii, Japanese culture, Decorating, Night time, Warm lighting, Anime/Manga, Cute kitchen wear. & a hell of a lot more.
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3 Responses to Starting with the bed…

  1. deer donna says:

    ooh my goodness sooo much cute in the one space!!! i love your old teddy too he is so cute!

    ooh by the way, i have been planning a whole big post about you which i am putting up tomorrow night!! 😀 sorry it’s taking me sooo long!

  2. fluffyghost says:

    Thanks so much Donna! ^____^ Can’t wait… 😀

  3. Oh wow, I love your bed! It’s so kawaii and pink!

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