-About Fluffyghost-

my name is Mercedes & I am Fluffyghost.

I have my first house with my partner:

We’ve been a couple for two & a half years, & I wouldn’t want it any other way! Mr H is the only one for me in my eyes, I love him very much: Plus he keeps me sane which is hugely beneficial otherwise I’d have crazy knocking on my front door haha.

Hewiee the cat is two years old, his been in our life for about a year & a bit. His my baby, (I really don’t composite cats for children, when I say baby.) & our home wouldn’t be home without him. Even if he does sleep on my head, graphics tablet, anything I need to use.

I love surrealism and how things work. I find myself always taking note subconsciously of the detail of every day life happenings. I am in love with Kawaii, Japanese culture & Hello Kitty. When I say Hello Kitty, well I’m a die-hard fan & have been over the last decade to present. I have it tattooed to the back of my neck too. (Pictures of my HK collection soon.)

I love to watch a good Anime film, give me a Studio Ghibli & I’m a happy girlie. My Anime taste does branch out further then just Studio Ghibli, I also like Soul Eater, Maho Romatic, etc… Aswell as reading Manga like Dragon Girl, Bunny Drop, Omsmoi Himari & Rosario + Vampire. (I do read a ton of novels too, but I’d be here all day.)

I oil paint a lot as well as bake, sew and just anything to do with crafting. I just like making things out of nothing & re-inventing an object to serve another purpose.

So up-cycling a lot.

I own a little online store selling clothes with my illustrations on to:

So don’t forget to check that out, as I’m constantly updating with new designs and improving my products overall. Be sure to check it out here. For great quality clothes, with unique illustrations you can’t get anywhere else!

I also take requests, just drop me an email.

I will also be opening an Etsy very soon selling products handmade by me. I’ll be doing a sneak peek post into stock over the next week. Followed by a photo shoot. Then hello Etsy here I come. So stay tune for updates & thank you for your patience.

1 Response to -About Fluffyghost-

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Neat! Hewiee reminds me of the cat from “Kiki’s Delivery Service.”

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