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Afternoon! Lately some strange kitty like business has been happening in our home. Pretty much every time we get home from going out somewhere, there’s something awaiting us that we don’t really expect to find. First thing is. Hewiee has … Continue reading

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This was meant for yesterday…

Woah I totally got my days mixed up yesterday. I seriously thought it was still Wednesday. I know my bad! (It shan’t happen again! ^__^) This post was meant for yesterday, so I hope you still enjoy. So for this … Continue reading

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Hi, my kitty Hewiee is always around when ever I have to work. So today I thought I would share, just how close he gets haha. Yep that’s right, sprawled all over my desk purring away. He really isn’t bothered … Continue reading

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Hewiee’s 2nd Birthday…

& were back!… Hi all, Im so happy to finally be properly back on-line. (We gave up on fixing my old laptop, well I’m still going to upload a whole new core drive to it. But that’s enough of that boring stuff.)  … Continue reading

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Christmas day!

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas day  Me & Mr H wish you a well New years to!.. ^__^ So just a Christmas post with some of the days madness. Was great ive been spoiled, plus i didn’t mess the … Continue reading

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Christmas gestures.

You know those times when Christmas is drawing in closer and everyone is either really cold or just plain jolly! Well either way these small little tokens i wipped up might be small, but they sure show a person your … Continue reading

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A sneak peek of my home…

Hi all! This month is going so fast it’s scary! Ive hardly been able to blink without a huge amount of time flooding by. So December has brought me alot of Freelance work. Hense the lack of posts (Sorry!) but then … Continue reading

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My Dream Blanket…

Hi all! Sorry for not posting yesterday, been up to my eye’s & ear’s in some Freelancing & paperwork… But it’s all good ^____^ Mr H finally has a weekend off in the first time in a month. Wahoo!! Any … Continue reading

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A Hewiee Update ^__^

It’s been a very busy couple of days down here, with Mr H’s brother staying with us! Plus Mr H’s car just practicaly dying we had to get that sorted out. But there is good news too…Hewiee finally got his new … Continue reading

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Getting ready for Halloween.

So today me & Mr H finally brought our pumpkins & sweeties for Halloween. 🙂 This year were going to have a quite one. I was thinking a spooky movie night is in order. With films such as “The Witches” … Continue reading

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