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Soul Eater Cosplay.

As you might know, I’m a huge fan of Soul Eater! So today I bring you real life anime with some of my favourite characters: Maka image Via: CosplayIsland. Probably the best Maka impersonation ever! If you can find one … Continue reading

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Last week I was in the library just checking out some books. When I came across a self-taught origami book. I’ve always wanted to learn. Origami can be so beautiful if done correctly. So today I thought I would look … Continue reading

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Soul Eater Insight.

Hey, I’ve just finished watching the whole series of Soul Eater so I thought it would be worth reflecting on as it seriously is pretty awesome! Soul Eater Image Via: Here’s Mimi. Soul Eater is based around “Death Weapon Meister … Continue reading

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It’s official…

Ive got some big news to share today… Im officially learning to speak, read, write Japanese for real!! Japan has been a huge passion for me for the last decade, and i thought that it was about time that i … Continue reading

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Some of my Furoshiki wrapping.

Hi ^___^. As promised here is my first attempt of doing Furoshiki this year for Christmas: I still wrapped the presents up inside as there were quite a few bit’s & bobs tucked away. As i didn’t want to undermind some … Continue reading

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Furoshiki Style…

Afternoon! When Christmas approaches we all buy endless amounts of wrapping paper. Now i have found a more practical & eco friendly way to impress! It’s known as Furoshiki, it is a long almost lost tradition from Japan where you … Continue reading

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