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Last week I was in the library just checking out some books. When I came across a self-taught origami book. I’ve always wanted to learn. Origami can be so beautiful if done correctly. So today I thought I would look … Continue reading

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Monster munchies?

Hi, As Summer is on its way, I thought I would look into some super fun projects that every one can enjoy. What is that project you ask? Well you take your favourite snack, upscale it by at least ten … Continue reading

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Re-vamp for Project ReStyle.

For todays bank holiday Monday, I thought I would share my latest addition to Project ReStyle: I got the frame whilst out thrifting & it was a yucky red. But for £1.99 and in great condition I couldn’t let a … Continue reading

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D.I.Y Memo board.

Hi! I would like to make a little note before I share my D.I.Y and apologise for being a fool…As I got my posts mixed up if you could tell. This one was meant for Wednesday, but strangely enough I … Continue reading

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Supplement of the chocolate egg.

Afternoon! Hope you are all rested for the new week ahead. A couple of posts ago you saw loads of Easter goodies I had. Well today I thought I would show you just what I did with all that candy … Continue reading

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Project ReStyle.

I’ve been following Elsie from A beautiful mess project for some time now; with all the inspiring transformations people have created I thought I should make something. So last night, I made this: I made It using only scrap material … Continue reading

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D.I.Y twine heart garland.

& were back with a late night D.I.Y for yours truly. Tired of mass produced products? Fancy a more personal approach to decorating. Then this is for you…The beauty of it is, it couldn’t get more simpler then this. So … Continue reading

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Christmas gestures.

You know those times when Christmas is drawing in closer and everyone is either really cold or just plain jolly! Well either way these small little tokens i wipped up might be small, but they sure show a person your … Continue reading

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Making Soap

Hi all! Sorry for not posting yesterday, was just super busy! Anyways… Ive always wanted to have a go at making homemade soap; i mean there are just so many beauitful designs sooo here are my first time ever results. … Continue reading

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Hand Made Cards!

Yep of course they would have to be Christmas cards ^____^. Sorry i wont shut up about Christmas, im just to god damn excited about this year! I made these one relaxed evening whilst watching T.V. These are just a couple … Continue reading

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