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Vintage Circus Addition.

 As Summer is now on our doorstep that could only mean that the circus is in town! I’ve been getting excited about the American Circus! I’ve seen the Chinese, Russian and Dutch but never the American. (Were going tonight, I … Continue reading

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Brush with style…

I recently came across one of the best thrift ever a couple of days ago (In my opinion.) I’ve wanted these for ages, my Nan did have some but my sister beat me to them…Damn it! But I’m finally happy … Continue reading

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Vintage suitcase’s.

 Vintage suitcase’s always hit the spot with me so I’ve been browsing the web for some of my favourite finds. 1. Vintage up-cycled slate blue carry on suitcase with hand painted baby Alpaca. Via: BlumerRoad Etsy. I just love the style … Continue reading

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 Hey! For this weeks feature I decided to look into the terms “Vintage & Retro.” Vintage has really hit the limelight since early 2010 towards 2011. But how do you know that what you’re buying is actually vintage? You can … Continue reading

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For this weeks edition I came across a very unlikely candidate. It’s something you really don’t expect to find unless of course your purposely going out shopping for them: I asked the lady at the counter about them & they … Continue reading

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Wool & Fake Fur Galore!

 Hi! Todays thrift trip was a sure success. I was like a wool magnet today; I kept bumping into so much knitting supplies…I think it was a hint somehow to start knitting again.  So with wool on the brain, it was … Continue reading

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New additions to my home.

Hello… I’m happy to say that for this weeks feature, ive hit the jack pot, wanna see… Baskets, more baskets and some cute little hand-woven pots: As well as cute wooden bear pencil pot & a set of 3 cats/bear … Continue reading

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Vintage brooches.

Hi! Todays addition im looking into the vast collections of vintage brooches. I’m not personally a brooch person, but as the vintage ones have turned up on the scene more lately, I thought I would look into just how addictive … Continue reading

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Where has this week gone?

This week has sped by, so that means of course It’s time for Thrift Thursday! Now this week I thought I would share what I generally keep my eyes out for: 1. Vintage wallpaper: Vintage wallpaper Via: UnderThereDroof. Vintage wallpaper … Continue reading

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This was meant for yesterday…

Woah I totally got my days mixed up yesterday. I seriously thought it was still Wednesday. I know my bad! (It shan’t happen again! ^__^) This post was meant for yesterday, so I hope you still enjoy. So for this … Continue reading

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