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Fluffyghost Etsy!

Today I bring you a sneak peek of Fluffyghost Etsy with some pre-release photography from my photo shoot. As well as a quick peak into some of my up coming products! Model for Fluffyghost: Elizabeth Winfield. More detailed shots of … Continue reading

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Soul Eater Insight.

Hey, I’ve just finished watching the whole series of Soul Eater so I thought it would be worth reflecting on as it seriously is pretty awesome! Soul Eater Image Via: Here’s Mimi. Soul Eater is based around “Death Weapon Meister … Continue reading

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A small notice.

Hi! It’s Mr Hs 21st birthday  tomorrow so were off to celebrate here! I’ll be back soon with a ton of photos and more designs for Fluffyghost’s online store. Stay tune! L……….x Fluffyghost. ^___^ P.S I’ve lowered the price around … Continue reading

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Half way there.

Hi ^___^. Just thought I’d pop in & let you all know that my laptop is halfway there to a full recovery. I’ve managed to fix majority of the worst issues, after like 7 hours haha. So Fluffyghost should be running … Continue reading

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Some bad news…

Hi all… Just to let you all know that, my laptop is basically dying. It really needs to be defragged, so i brought Regcure, but it doesnt support vista platform 64 only 32…Gay! So after I wasted £30.00 on that, im trying to … Continue reading

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Christmas day!

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas day  Me & Mr H wish you a well New years to!.. ^__^ So just a Christmas post with some of the days madness. Was great ive been spoiled, plus i didn’t mess the … Continue reading

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Hey :)

Mr H isnt feeling very well so i havent had time for another post sadly; aswell as getting things ready for our anniversary on the 15th. As promised before, im still currently working on some of the mini projects so ill … Continue reading

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