Brush with style…

I recently came across one of the best thrift ever a couple of days ago (In my opinion.) I’ve wanted these for ages, my Nan did have some but my sister beat me to them…Damn it!

But I’m finally happy to own my own set and in mint condition, score!

That’s right, vintage brushes…I don’t know why I love them so, they just look so elegant and remind me of fairy tales such as Rapunzel.

Rapunzel painting by: RickLaMesa.

You can just imagine any fairytale princess (Preferably from Brothers Grimm.) brushing their hair with these brushes. So I couldn’t help myself I just had to play about with them:

Haha, wouldn’t you?


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Starting with the bed…

For this weeks edition I thought I would start my collection in my most favourite place on earth…My bed, yer that’s right, I just can never have enough sleep so It’s probably the best place to start.

So here is mine & Mr H’s Hello Kitty bed.(He loves Hello Kitty to…)

From bed sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases,(I do have another one but It’s in the wash due to a cup of tea.) blanket, etc…

My favourite Hello Kitty pillow would have to be the manga girl in the Hello Kitty outfit, I found it on J-List & just had to have it. You can get them here.

The others are from Ebay I brought over the years…

For the plush I got the big Hello Kitty in Hello Kitty PJ’s from Build A Bear Workshop and the others were gifts. 

On top of my bed is a Hello Kitty bottle but you can’t really see It that well from this picture, I got that from a job lot from Ebay too.

So this is just the beginning of my collection…Yer It’s that bad haha!

Any one else have a Hello Kitty bed? Would love to see.


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You can never have too much Kawaii stuff for your house, so Chicki is a perfect place to start for those extra special bits. So here is some of my favourites…

Hello kitty Momiji Doll Gigi

Hello kitty Momiji Doll Gigi. Via: Chicki

I seriously love this figurine, I actually squealed a tiny bit when I saw this, sadly it’s out of stock, but you can see why…It’s awesome! So fingers crossed it shall come back in.

Zombuki Magnet Set Rococo

Zombuki Magnet Set Rococo. Via: Chicki

These are so sweet, they have that enchanting style, I just can’t stop looking at them. These need to get on my fridge now! Very Lolita mixed up with a bit of Gyaru.

Totoro Picture Wallet

Totoro Picture Wallet. Via: Chicki

I love the print on this Totoro wallet, it’s perfect it catches the essence of the film just right. Great for any Studio Ghibli fan!

Rilakkuma Tin Pencil Case

Rilakkuma Tin Pencil Case. Via: Chicki

Anything Rilakkuma is great with me. The design might be simple but just looking at that bears cute little face make’s me giddy. So every girl deserves at least a cute pencil-case. Defiantly on my wish list, but of course you need some cute paper to go with it:

Kireizukin Letter Set

Kireizukin Letter Set. Via: Chicki

You can never go wrong with Kawaii letter sets, especially if its Kireizukin.

For tons more super Kawaii products, head over to Chicki.


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Fluffyghost Etsy Part 2…

& Were back today with some more pre-release photography as well as a mini product introduction on a few products that will appear in my store.

Model for Fluffyghost: Victoria Winfield.

For more detail on products check out my Etsy on the 28th.

More updates to follow via Twitter.


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Kawaii Matchbox Swap.


It’s been a hectic Saturday so far, just had our tenant inspection and I’m happy to say we passed with flying colours. So apart from the early morning wake up (I’m really not a morning person.) me & Mr H have friends coming over later today.

So I thought I would quickly share with you my Kawaii matchbox swap I did over on SwapBot.

It’s the first time I’ve ever made a matchbox from scratch so be nice…

We had to make two matchboxes in a Sanrio theme. So I choose My Melody & Kuromi as they always go hand in hand. For the one above I filled with an assortment of goodies, from kawaii erasers, cute buttons, hair clips, charms and embellishments.

For the other matchbox we had to fill with 30 sticker flakes so here it is:

I always find it hard to part with stickers…I don’t know why maybe It’s because I just can’t get enough of them haha!

Can’t wait to see what I get through the post! Hope my partner enjoys my first ever attempt of a Kawaii matchbox. 

If you love decorating then I do recommend this swap for you! It was so much fun just putting together.

Well that’s it for today…

Have an awesome Saturday & don’t forget Fluffyghost’s Etsy is opening less then a week!


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Fluffyghost Etsy!

Today I bring you a sneak peek of Fluffyghost Etsy with some pre-release photography from my photo shoot. As well as a quick peak into some of my up coming products!

Model for Fluffyghost: Elizabeth Winfield.

More detailed shots of products only to be released on Fluffyghost Etsy!

Super excited to finally be able to get this moving…

Can’t wait to the release date!

I would like to thank all my models for doing an awesome job on set!

Bring on the 28th…


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Vintage suitcase’s.

 Vintage suitcase’s always hit the spot with me so I’ve been browsing the web for some of my favourite finds.


VINTAGE Upcycled Slate Blue Carry On SUITCASE with Hand Painted Baby AlpacaVintage up-cycled slate blue carry on suitcase with hand painted baby Alpaca. Via: BlumerRoad Etsy.
I just love the style of this suitcase. The worn out blue shade genuinely
gives it an added sense of character. Plus with the hand painted Alpaca, it really gives this vintage suitcase a new lease of life. Perfect for weekend getaways.
Vintage luggage - suitcase - care bears - setting sail for grandmas - childrens - light blue
 Vintage luggage – suitcase – care bears. Via: Moxiethrift Etsy.

I’m in awe of this suitcase. I know it’s for children but I don’t care! I grew up with Care Bears & I still love the illustrations. It’s just way to cute not to like.


recycled vintage DAY AT THE BEACH  suitcase by C. Reinke vintage TERRY CLOTH and trims

recycled vintage DAY AT THE BEACH  suitcase by C. Reinke vintage TERRY CLOTH and trims
Recycled vintage “Day at the beach” suitcase by C. Reinke vintage Terry cloth and trims. Via: Funkyfindzonline Etsy.

Now this is a true visual beauty! All the textures and colours really make this suitcase eye candy. I wouldn’t take this suitcase out & about, (I would be scared to damage it.) but I would defiantly display pretty stuff around the house in it for sure… So perfect for a refreshing summer display.


Vintage Upcycled Alice in Wonderland Small Suitcase
Vintage up-cycled Alice in Wonderland small suitcase. Via: mimobeads Etsy.

I’ve always had a thing for worn down leather & with this Alice in Wonderland design It’s a great combo! A truly sweet suitcases for anyone who loves to daydream.


Vintage Samsonite Train Case in Retro Blue

Vintage Samsonite train case in retro blue. Via: Primitivepincushion Etsy.

If you take long car journeys all the time and tend to carry around a lot of crap from point A to B then this suitcase is perfect for your loose bits and bobs. The colours are gorgeous and look like they would catch the sun just right. For any women who likes to travel around in style!

Well that’s it for another Thrift Thursday!

Till tomorrow,


P.S. If anyone has noticed that I’ve been spelling Etsy like Esty, sorry! My brain just turns itself off some days, so please do excuse the mix up.

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New Feature…

As a huge Hello Kitty self-confessed addict, I thought It was about time to share it with the world. Over the last decade I haven’t been able to get enough of Sanrio, San – X or any Kawaii goodness. So from every Wednesday I will be sharing with you; my personal collections, new products out on the web. Weird & wonderful Kawaii & all that I find inspiring in these subjects.

Can’t wait to get this feature going as I am completely 100% to passionate about the world of Kawaii!

So to kick-start this new feature off, I thought I would share my most personal Sanrio possession… My Hello Kitty tattoo.

I’ve had this tattoo for almost 3 years now. (Yer I got it done when I was 16,  but I don’t kiss & tell.) I just felt that I needed to have something Hello Kitty permanently on me. It’s my most favourite tattoo that I have, and the one that means the most. I know for a fact that I’m going to be a hard-core Hello Kitty fan till the day I die. So crazy Sanrio cat lady pretty much sums up my future & I embrace that! (So does Mr H!) I’ve never shared my tattoo on-line ever before. (Not even on Facebook :O…) As it was always more personal to me, then to show the next person, if you get what I mean. But as the birth of this new feature, I’m proud to share it with you all.

I love having it on my neck, as it’s up to me whether I display it. I.e when I tie my hair up into a pony tail or something. To be honest I always forget that I even have It, as It’s become such a part of me and my life over the last couple of years. 

I plan to get a leg piece though with tons of Sanrio, San-x & Kawaii goodness, but that I shall save for another week.

Have an awesome day!


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A sneak peek:

It’s almost been a year since I last showed you around my art studio.

A lot has changed since then, so I thought I would show you a sneak peek into my world:

So that’s it for today, I’m off to do the dreaded paper work.

Till tomorrow!


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Lately some strange kitty like business has been happening in our home.

Pretty much every time we get home from going out somewhere, there’s something awaiting us that we don’t really expect to find.

First thing is. Hewiee has a cupboard where I keep all of his litter tray stuff, grooming etc and catnip (Even though he doesn’t really like it :/…) On many occasions we’ve come home to find the cupboard door open. Tons of catnip all over the floor…

Well today I finally have photographic proof of the culprit!

Yep that’s right. My kitty has a lot of kitty friends. This cat being his best?

The funny things is, he doesn’t even mind being caught. He just lays there, rolling about on the floor purring away. 

Mr H said to get a broom and to gently encourage him to the front door. But no need really as Hewiee escorted him down the stairs where they both went out the front door to play.

His not a stray or anything, in fact the kitties owner lives next door to us. Yet he still comes through Hewiee’s cat flap all the time.

I would get one of those special cat flaps that scan the collar of your cat, (Kinda like a cat door key.) but there super expensive & I don’t really see the need. 

Except for Hewiee’s cupboard nothing else is damaged or touched. He just likes hanging out in our house?

Maybe it’s because Hewiee see’s Mr H & I together that he want’s a companion?

Any ideas of what to do?

I would be grateful to hear your thoughts on this, as I’m quite baffled myself.


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