Just drawings…

Just quickly popping in today as I’m trying to convert Fluffyghost to WordPress.org. Ahh the unknown! Haha, please bear with me!

I’m always constantly drawing something, so today I thought I would share some of my many doodles!

Whoops my kitties hair got in the scanner in the last drawing so please ignore, as there really is just no helping it!

I’m thinking about maybe doing a new feature on mine and others drawings and stuff. ( I know the idea sounds a bit raw at the moment, maybe because it is but I’ll get something working along those lines soon!)


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New Custom Kawaii Boutique Frames!


Just here today with some new additions to my Etsy store!

Each and everyone is a one off design! So no one will ever have the same as you!

A charming wooden frame, hand painted using a selection of acrylic paint.
Shaded in a enchanting lilac purple with faded peach toning.
Embellished with a selection of pastel coloured bows, clear rhinestones, flat back kawaii charms to a 3-D puffy metallic bow!

A mix of Lolita and fairy princess style! Perfect for any girly who needs that extra kawaii in their home!

*A one off piece! A truly original unique kawaii frame*

Measurements: 25cm (10 inches) x 19.5cm (8 inches)

(Glass protective cover is included, just not in the photos due to how much glass reflects in photography.)
A kawaii wooden frame hand painted using a selection of acrylic paints.
A bold turquoise shade with refreshing shading.
Embellished with a selection of flat back charms: From a Mexican Day Of The Dead styled Hello Kitty, puffy strawberries, red vibrant roses, clear and turquoise rhinestone for added detail, topped off with kawaii ribbon and a bow on top!

A mix of Harajuku, Kawaii, Summer loving style! Perfect for any Summer Girl who wants a rush of kawaii colour in their home!

*A one off piece! A truly original unique kawaii frame*

Measurements: 17.5cm (6.7 inches) x 12.5cm (5 Inches)

(Glass protective cover is included, just not in the photos due to how much glass reflects in photography.)

To shop visit here!


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Hello Kitty Love!

Saturdays are always the highlight of most of our weekends!

So when I got this parcel through today from a very kind Sanrio lover Catherine from

The world of Pipinopolis I was over the moon!

I just had to share:

She’s really gone to town! I feel so spoilt! It’s the kindest thing anyones ever done for me online!

Thank you so much Catherine you’re the best!

Don’t forget to check out her cute blog here.


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The aftermath…

Last night Mr H, my Dad and myself went to see the American Circus!

It was awesome! We got tickets to sit in the ringside which is pretty much the best seats in the house, thank goodness for 50% off vouchers haha!

I’ve never sat that close to the show before and boy am I glad I did!

A clown made me a flower balloon on stage and I even won the raffle out of the whole audience. Yep I won a massive pink Flamingo! It’s so awesome and soft…

Sitting so close to the acts really makes you feel more part of show, we all enjoyed ourself. So if your local to Basingstoke I recommend you go see it!

Im off for a day full of paperwork and crafts! (We have to renew our contract with our landlord *sigh*)

Have an awesome Friday!


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Vintage Circus Addition.

 As Summer is now on our doorstep that could only mean that the circus is in town!

I’ve been getting excited about the American Circus! I’ve seen the Chinese, Russian and Dutch but never the American. (Were going tonight, I love the circus!) So it only makes sense that todays feature reflects that.



Vintage Tin Toy tea saucers, Storybook set of 10 with litho, Instant Collection.

Vintage Tin Toy tea saucers Via: Etsy

The illustrations on this saucer set is not only magical but really captures the time essence of the 1930’s – 60’s.


vintage Libbey tumbler circus animals on carrousel

Vintage Libbey tumbler circus animals on carrousel.Via: Etsy. 

These are the perfect addition to any kitchen cupboards! Cute yet chic, these tumblers really do spark the imagination!


Owl Girl Necklace

Owl Girl Necklace. Via Etsy.

A great piece of surrealism to wear around your neck. Quite entrancing with a creepy cute twist!


SALE - Bigtop - Sterling and Vintage Lucite Ring - Size 7

Bigtop – Sterling and Vintage Lucite Ring.Via: Etsy.

This ring is really enchanting! It looks good enough to eat & mimics a vintage circus tent quite well! Definitely a piece of eye candy.


Lady of the Flying Trapeze Beaded Bra Top by Louise Black

Lady of the Flying Trapeze! Beaded Bra Top by Louise Black. Via: Etsy.

This is very chic and glamorous! Perfect for any show girl this summer! This piece is doubtlessly on my wish list!

Can’t wait for tonight…Hope we get good seats!

Don’t forget to check out Fluffyghost Etsy.

Till tomorrow….



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The dressing table…

So you’ve seen my Hello Kitty tattoo, my Hello Kitty bed…So this week I thought I’d show you my dressing table! (Thats right were still in the bedroom haha!)

The thing about my dressing table is that my Hello Kitty collection on it, is quite deceiving. I tend to keep most stuff in draws and just scattered around under things and stuff. So I quickly had a rummage and here’s what I found:

The funny thing is that’s not even all of it! I thought I would share jewellery & makeup for another week!

Well that’s it for todays feature!

If you have any Hello Kitty collections email me!

I would love to share it… Who knows you might be on Secret Addict yourself!



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Sometimes the best things in life are the smallest of things!

Like working for 9 hours straight to come out of my art studio to find this:

Thats right, it’s a love bucket! I felt like a kid in a candy store! Mr H is such a sweety!

There actually was 101 reasons to! ^____^ I wouldn’t swap him for the world!

It’s things like this, that no amount of money could ever buy nor make you feel so good!

Or finding the perfect purchase that only makes sense to a couple of fried egg sandwhich fanatics!

The best spatula in the world I swear! (Unless it was Hello Kitty of course!)

Have a great Tuesday & don’t forget it’s 10% off on all products in my store!


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New stock added to the shop!

Good afternoon!

Thanks to everyone for all of your support and kind words! I’m super glad to finally have my store up and running!

To all of my readers and supporters I’m offering a 10% discount on all of my products in my store to say thank you!

To visit my Etsy click here.

Discount applies for one week only from today! So grab yourself some handmade kawaii bargains!


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Store Opens Today!

Super stoked that today is finally the day Fluffyghost brings you kawaii handmade goodness!

The store will be continuously updated through the next couple of days. (Yer I’m already working on new pieces haha…) I’ve still only uploaded half of todays stock so be sure to stop by!

I’m also hosting a celebration Giveaway in dedication to my stores opening:

For a chance to win this Vintage handmade bracelet by Fluffyghost head over here:

Im back off to update my Etsy, hope to see you there!


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Fluffyghost Etsy part 3…

Were here with the last promo release! Can’t believe my store will be open tomorrow. It’s taken a lot of hard work, but if it’s worth doing then it’s going to be! Super excited!..So for the last time this week Fluffyghost Etsy part 3:

Model for Fluffyghost: Freya Thobroe.

For more details on current products check out my Etsy tomorrow!

More updates to follow via Twitter.

Im also hosting a giveaway tomorrow over on Elycia so pop over for a chance to win a bracelet from my shop!

Till the big day tomorrow, I’ll see you all on the other side!


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